ANNA tsuchiya - My Fate、Crazy World with AI


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歌詞跟My Fate的live藏在樓下:
Crazy World - 土屋アンナ feat. AI
作詞:ANNA・AI 作曲:Jan Lindvaag・Thomas Heyerdahl・Marte Hveem.
Get up girls, it’s time to move
フレッシュでピュア All your heart
Wake up boys. Show me your vibes
キッズでフェイク All your mind

愛のビーズ Rock me up
欲のパーツ Treat me down
壊れていくこのデイズ Oh why

レボリューション 美のミッション この結晶
ぶつかって 踏まれたって We’ve gonna change it! yeah yeah

Get together and say so wazz-up
確率なんて1% 明日の光り この手で Grab it from this crazy world
Get together and let’s buckle up
隔心なら100% そう誰かが この手で Break it up this crazy world

Game is over, time is up
止まない バトルなフォールド
Sacred place, dried up
カウント1,2 & follow me!!!!!..

愛のパワー Heat it up
欲のケージ Break it down
壊れていくこのデイズ, Oh why?

ディストラクション ノンフィクション この感情
誰だって いつだって You wanna change it! yeah yeah

Get together and say so oh oh
剥奪なんて低Level 善か悪か
nobody knows Save me from this crazy world
Get together and kick it up
現実は so サバイバル 愛情無き物達よ
Wake up from this crazy world

Crazy world, Crazy world, Crazy world
Crazy world. Crazy world, oh you gonna change world.

If you don’t know which way 2 go
I’ll take you 2 da wonder world!
音にのせて Come on baby follow me...
かすかに聞こえてくるさ What we need
“絶対”はなくても Maybe we can try
新しい世界で So we all can fly!!!

(※くり返し)(△くり返し)(歌詞→ goo音楽)

除了這首之外,還有黒い涙Blue Moon、Take Me Out、My Fate都在推薦名單之内。
其中又以My Fate為大愛,

Anna Tsuchiya - My Fate
There’s a story inside of me
Many sadness inside my mind
I’m always thinking how should I live without all pains

I am shivaring like a child in this deep darkness
Can you see, Can you feel my feeling

But I want to know my fate
Before my every hope fades away
Take my breath away
Take me higher as you can
I want to fly somewhere, far away from this world
Give me some wings as I can fly eternally

I know you just want to know
What I’m always waiting for
You came in to my sacred room
But I shut my door

In the silence you can listen to your own heartbeat
Just believe what you see and feel

But you need to know my fate
Before my every blood is gonna freeze
Take me to the place that we met immorality
I want to fly somewhere far away this world
Give me some wings as I can fly eternally

I will never be scared
Never ever die
I want to lose my mind to the end of the world
Don’t look back and down
Time will never stop, ever

My Fate我還沒看過以前有上過節目唱這首。